The Sonablate 500 uses a software module known as Tissue Change Monitoring, or TCM. This software allows surgeons to watch tissue changes in real time while a patient receives HIFU treatment for BPH and prostate cancer. The ability to watch tissue change happening in real time gives doctors the ability to tailor treatment to each patient.

TCM Software Features

  • Real Time Monitoring of Tissue Response to HIFU Therapy
  • Focal Point Markers
  • Dual Stack with Synchronization
  • Color Overlay Display
  • Visualization Guidance Tools

How It Works

Tissue Change Monitoring software sends a radio frequency signal to measure the focal point right before sending HIFU treatment, and then again when HIFU is complete. The software then calculates tissue change and displays it on the screen for the doctor to consider. The calculation compares radio frequency ultrasound pulse echo signals at each focal point when quantifying tissue changes.